Oracle DBA!

On this website I'm planning to collect information about Oracle Administration on English. (Oracle DB, Weblogic, GoldenGate, Oracle Linux etc)

OracleDBA.NET - open source project with codes on github. It works on jekyll technologies.

People who understand russian language, can read same on

oracle dba chat room oracle dba build status

Now I'm working on position Oracle ADF / Oracle JET Developer and we develop application like this.

For that reason, I'm lost skills as Oracle DBA. And don't remember details about many things. If you working with oracle technologies and agree to share your knowledge on this website, please write email to me.
I'm promise to share linkedin profile on this website to all who will help with this website. May be it can help to find a better job, especially for peope from India, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, may be someone from Africa or Latin America.

Sorry for my terrible english.
My native language is C++