[Oracle DataBase Server 12.1 installation on Windows 2008 Server]: Archivelog miltiplexing

Creating folders to store backups and archivelogs:

$ md e:\app\oracle\oradata\ora121\archives
$ md f:\app\oracle\oradata\ora121\archives

sqlplus / as sysdba

Setup archive destination folders:

SQL>  ALTER SYSTEM SET LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST_1='location=e:\app\oracle\oradata\ora121\archives mandatory' scope=both;
SQL>  ALTER SYSTEM SET LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST_2='location=f:\app\oracle\oradata\ora121\archives mandatory' scope=both;

Show parameter LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST

SQL> show parameter LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST;

Set file format for archivelogs

SQL>  ALTER SYSTEM SET LOG_ARCHIVE_FORMAT='%t_%s_%R.arc' scope=spfile;

SQL> shutdown immediate;
SQL> startup;
SQL> quit